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Supply Crate – Christopher

Good day, and welcome to another Supply Crate update. If you just got here and have no idea what you're in for, this is where we update our readers about a Supply Crate sent out in the last six months. We also show you some photos we received in response.

Today's update came from recipient Christopher, who, interestingly enough, could only tell us so much about what he and his pararescue unit are doing deployed.

We are a group of PJ’s, everyone on our team enjoys playing video games. We have to move to different fobs frequently, some don’t have much but always seem to have internet access. I figured I could put in a request to bring some morale when there is some down time.

What is a fob for those of you who may not be up on the Military lingo? It's a forward operating base. Chris's unit is constantly on the move, which sometimes makes easy access to recreational stuff difficult. Luckily, game consoles are pretty transportable.

Good morning,
Just wanted to say from the entire unit out here THANK YOU! We’re trying to find a real cool way to take a picture as asked. Means a lot to us, currently playing WWE in the team room and having a good time. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

THANK YOU, Chris! Hopefully, this console and games serve him and his unit as they move around. Aren't these pictures his unit sent us awesome?

This Supply Crate update was brought to us by Taterholic, who was also part of our Call to Arms LIVE event on Veterans Day last year. Taterholic now goes by Emmy on Twitch. Quick! May is our Memorial Call to Arms run. We're sitting around $90k right now, nearly a quarter of our $400k goal. Sign up to help us get there today. Want to answer the Call to Arms in a different way? We have plenty of volunteer and other contribution opportunities, which you can learn about by clicking the big red button below.

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