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Stack Up’s haven for Veterans to work on their mental health and build community through the power of gaming.


Phalanx House represents a unique new initiative in Veteran Service. One part office, one part AirBnB, and one part tailored community center, PHALANX House located in sunny Los Angeles, is our permanent presence of veteran support. Our team will be looking to interact with the nearly 300,000 veterans in the Los Angeles county area, bringing them to PHALANX House, and setting up board game nights, Dungeon and Dragon “one-shot” adventures, pizza parties while watching the latest nerd flick, or even just swimming in the pool and lounging in the hot tub. 

We will also be using PHALANX House to fly veterans out to Los Angeles as part of our Air Assault program. This will allow us to take these veterans on trips to Disney, Hollywood, the beach, or simply relaxing back at Phalanx House and talking with their fellow veterans. 

If you're interested in a visit, fill out the form below!

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