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What is the Stack Up Game Lead Team?

Our Discord server is the primary hub of much of our community activity, and the Stack Up HQ team makes every effort to both foster and participate in active dialogue in the community there. A key component of our mission to promote positive mental health and combat veteran suicide is gaming, and the culture of togetherness that gaming fosters. Our Game Leads are individuals who volunteer their time each week leading events right in our Discord server that helps to foster that dialogue through gaming.


A Game Lead is a person who willingly steps up to volunteer their time to run a Game Night (or movie night, or game day) for our community in our Discord Server. Game Leads are expected to volunteer two hours per week in the Discord Server hosting community gaming events, and will work closely with Stack Up’s Community Manager to communicate these events to the community.

How do I join?

Please be sure to take a few moments to look around the Stack Up site and familiarize yourself with our mission and the various support programs we offer before you apply to join the team. Once you’ve done that, take a moment to fill out the form below and a member of the Stack Up team will be back with you within a few days!

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