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Looking to help raise awareness for our mission? Ask our team of folks who put the "fun" in funding!

Join the Call to Arms!

One of the core fundraising efforts for Stack Up, Call to Arms is the year-long donation focus that fuels our mission of using the awesome power of video games to support US and allied veterans, as well as active duty service members around the world.

The majority of our fundraising is driven by streamers, small businesses, and content creators who want to make a difference in the lives of those who serve their country. We understand the time and effort that it takes for kindhearted individuals to fundraise for an organization, and have committed to making that process as easy as can be with our concierge-level Influencer Relations Team. Whether it's a charity stream, bake sale, golf tournament, or marathon, our Influencer Relations Team is here to help turn your fundraising idea into a Call to Arms event!


Our Influencer Relations Team

Interested in learning more about Call to Arms, Stack Up, or how to use our Streamer Kit? Feel free to hit us up at our listed emails, or sign up for Call to Arms below, and one of us will reach out! 

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