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Video games are all about connection, and so are we.

Stack Up's mission brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming. With the motto “Veterans are our Mission. Gaming is our Passion”, Stack Up serves US and allied military service members through four primary programs: The Stacks, Supply Crates, Air Assaults and the Overwatch Program. We welcome businesses and individuals who connect with that mission and want to help further it.

Stack Up runs on the support of those who think like us. That’s true at every level. On an individual level, we’re helping bring comfort and friendship to veterans coping with PTSD or transitioning back to civilian life through our Stacks and the Overwatch Program. The support of businesses and individuals like you help make that single connection that can change and even save a life.

On a corporate level, we partner with game developers and publishers to send Supply Crates filled with gaming goodness to troops on bases and in military hospitals. Our Air Assault program provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences to deserving veterans by sending them to gamer conventions. The support of businesses and individuals like you helps make big things happen.

NOTE: This form is to sponsor our mission at Stack Up. If you are looking for streaming information, click here.

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