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Video game care packages full of the latest games and consoles sent to deployed units and veterans in need.

We strive to change a deployed service member’s experience while they are deployed.

We assemble care packages filled with video gaming and nerd goodness to deliver to US, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander and other NATO/allied veterans and active duty service members deployed to combat zones, humanitarian missions, recovery in military hospitals, or even bases stateside in support of any amount of family readiness missions. Supply Crates serve as a preventative measure, aiding to prevent the onset of operational stress by providing a healthy outlet for decompression before there’s a problem.

Instead of focusing on how many days they have left in theater, we want them thinking about setting up an upcoming tournament with their battle buddies. But it goes beyond fun. Scientific studies show Video gaming tied to helping veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress, and even pain relief!

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