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Tagline Logo

Stack Up Logo Black Red Flash
Stack Up Logo White Red Flash
Stack Up Logo White Black Flash Tagline.

Word Logo

Stack Up Logo Black Red Flash.png
Stack Up Logo White Red Flash.png
Stack Up Logo White Black Flash.png


Flashbang Main Black.png
Flashbang Main White.png
Flashbang Main White Black Flash.png

Using the Stack Up Logo

Brand Rules

Stack Up logos may be enlarged or reduced, but do not alter their height-to-width ratio, manipulate the image shape, or add effects like glow or stroke.  Always strive to use the graphics provided in our Press Kit or Streamer Kit. While we love to see creative usage of our logos, please ask before remaking them in your own publishing applications!

The tagline, "Veterans are our Mission. Gaming is our Passion." should not be used without the Stack Up logo. They go together, or not at all.

The Stack Up Flashbang may be used as an accessory or icon logo, but should not be used as a full replacement for the Stack Up logo.

The Stack Up and Flashbang logos have been provided in a variety of different colors for use with different backgrounds. Please stick as closely as you can to these guidelines:

  • Black body & red flash for lighter backgrounds.

  • White body & red flash for darker backgrounds.

  • White body & black flash for red backgrounds.

Clear space minimums are built into the logo files. Please ensure after any resizing that there is one flashbang radius' worth of space between the word body and tagline, as well as one top row letter's space between the Stack and Up. Centering occurs vertically along the "U," and horizontally along the bottom of the space in the "P," as seen in the adjoining image.

Color & Spacing


CMYK - 0/0/0/0
RGB - 255/255/255


CMYK - 0/0/0/100
RGB - 0/0/0
HEX - 000000


CMYK - 0/63/57/25
RGB - 191/30/46

Stack Up Logo White Red Flash Tagline Sp

Brand Tone & Voice Chart

At Stack Up, how we talk is just as important as what we have to say. 


Most of us are vets or care about a veteran or active-duty military service member. Our experiences are meaningful in connecting with each other and other people.

Talk about personal experience with the community.
Talk about personal experience with video games, mental & physical health, and the military. Be honest.

We love gaming. We’re passionate about our gaming community. We care about mental health and how gaming can help with that.

Talk about games, why you love games, and enjoy the community.
Talk about why you care about mental health.
Use a lot of active language.

We've got programs - lots and lots of different programs. This can be confusing for some people. Be patient and know your stuff!

Be informative in a friendly manner. Keep it short and sweet.
Know what you are talking about. Get familiar with our programs.
Refer others to resources, or come back with more information if unsure.






Don't exaggerate.
Don't make stuff up.

Don't pretend to be enthusiastic about something you are not passionate about.

Don't be a know-it-all.

Don't act superior in your knowledge.


We actively care about the mental health and well-being of our community.

Show sympathy when someone is in need. Be supportive.
Validate others' feelings.


Refer people to the Overwatch Program when it's something you can't handle. 

Don't try to handle something that you cannot or are not trained to handle.

Don't be blasé about someone's mental or physical health.


If you have any questions about branding, usage, or voice, please reach out and let us know!

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