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The Overwatch Program is a peer-based mental health initiative with one goal in mind: Crisis Mitigation. We aim to provide our community with the tools needed to identify and react to mental health challenges in their lives before a point of crisis is reached.


Our primary method that we use to achieve this goal is Mental Health Game Nights. Led by our community manager, these unique game nights provide an outlet for our community members to relax and connect with others, while they discuss problems they may be facing in a non-crisis capacity.


In addition to our regularly scheduled game nights, Stack Up’s Discord server includes a dedicated text channel and forum for non-crisis mental health discussions, where fellow community members can share experiences and support one another.


The Overwatch Program has evolved over the years since its formal debut in 2018. The lessons we’ve learned in that time have given us the tools to effectively help people confront and work through their issues before they hit a crisis point.

Want to see it in action for yourself? Check out the schedule and join us on Discord to get in on the fun!

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