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  • I just found you guys and want to help out. How do I get involved?
    There are plenty of ways to get involved with Stack Up! Head on over to the How to Help page to learn more, and apply for what interests you.
  • How can I apply for one of your programs?
    Fill out the form on the bottom of the program page for which you would like to apply.
  • I want to nominate myself or someone else for a Supply Crate. Can I do that?
    You sure can! Fill out the form on the Supply Crate page.
  • These programs are nice and all, but I'm an introvert who just wants to play video games with fellow vets. Where can I go for that?"
    Join our Discord server! We have rotating weekly game nights, plenty of dank memes, and a weekly town-hall style meeting with the staff every Wednesday at 8PM EST.
  • Does Stack Up sponsor any streamers?
    We do not have a sponsorship program for streamers available, but we do have opportunities for creators to support Stack Up via our Stream Team or Call to Arms.
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