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Announcing: Call to Arms VI Live!

Veteran's Day is on the horizon! In just 3 weeks, we'll be gathering up a group of select streamers for a 10-hour marathon event to see who will be crowned the Call to Arms VI Champion. EdgarAlanBro will be returning to defend his crown as Champion of Call to Arms V.

Call to Arms Live will be broadcast on the Stack Up Twitch channel on Thursday, November 11th at noon PST and end at 10 pm PST.

What is Call to Arms Live? Call to Arms live is our annual Veterans Day event in which we bring together some of your favorite content creators to play games and raise money to benefit Active Duty service members and Veterans through Stack Up's programs.

The following content creators will be joining us for the event remotely to battle it out in a series of fun minigames for 2021's Call to Arms Live:

Check out the video below of last year's Call to Arms Live to get an idea of what to expect from this Stack Up event.

If you can't make it to the event, you can still contribute to the fundraisers linked above. Once again, be sure to tune into the Stack Up Twitch channel on Veterans Day to watch Call to Arms Live. Follow the Stack Up Twitch channel to be alerted when the event goes live.

We've updated this announcement to include the info cards of our participants for this year's Call to Arms Live and by matchup!

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