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Supply Crate – Charles

Yes, it is time for yet another Supply Crate update. If you're here reading this, glad to see you, we hope you are doing well. Today's gaming care package request came to us from Fort Sill, where Charles trains our future troops. Read his request below:

I'm currently a Senior Drill Sergeant at Fort Sill, OK. I train and support the future soldiers of the United States Army. I train up to 250 trainees every three months, working 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week. These times during COVID is very challenging. Training these future soldiers doesn't stop that. What matters to me is to defend this country and lead these soldiers to the modern war battle field. I'm a gamer before I joined the military and playing games relieves me from any stressors.

Did you know Drill Sergeant training is like going back to basic all over again? Then they have to train new boots with very short breaks in between. It's a stressful OPTEMPO, as Charles tells us. We sent him a crate, and he sent us back some pictures and a reply:

Attached are the pictures. I really appreciate your support to us veterans. Once again thank you!

Thanks for training our future troops, Charles. Hopefully, those games will come in handy after a long day of whipping soldiers into shape.

This crate made it to Charles thanks to the fundraising efforts of DreamWarrior. DreamWarrior will be participating in our Call to Arms Live event on Veterans Day and if you're interested in seeing some Stack Up fundraising in action, Call to Arms Live would be the event to watch.

Yes, that is a big red button. No, you should totally push it.

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