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supply crate 230th fmsu afghanistan complete

Featured Image, HEAD SHOT

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Our first ever supply crate in our new video series, the “Reverse Unboxing”, and code named HEAD MOUNT has arrived in Afghanistan to Adam and his team from the Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) down on Kandahar Air Field!

What in the world is a FMSU, you may ask? They’re not just cutting paychecks for troopers or making sure large bags of money are making their way to local Afghan leadership for reconstruction projects, they end up getting stuck doing odd tasks while down range like force protection (sitting in towers or guard posts) and generally filling out other mission essential roles. Gone are the days where the military police were the only folks holding down checkpoints: in the era of a leaner, meaner (less funded) military operations, now everyone gets a turn to do all the junk details!

Anyway, Adam got our supply crate full of goodies and has sent back wonderful pics and a thank you…plus what appears to be a little more:

Wow!!! That is literally all we could say when we opened up this package! From the Comics, Shirts and the Xboxes, we were seriously blown away ! Our Commander now has decided to designate one of our connexs with AC in it a sort of game / break room. HELL YEAH ! Haha. We are in the works of acquiring another TV from the USO to accommodate the two Xboxes! I personally want to thank Stack-Up for being able to provide such amazing gifts to my unit and other soldiers across the battlefield the morale booster it gives is second to none. I want to do something for you and your company now. I have had a American Flag flying on our compound since the day we landed and was waiting for the right moment to take it down. So this Friday we will take it down and it will be in the mail with a Certificate attached headed your way. I wish there was more I could do to show our appreciation! Here are some pictures with our soldiers receiving with the Games / Gear ! (I’ll be sending them in a few emails since I cant send them all at once). Once we get our Game Room set up I will be sending more pictures of us having mini tournaments between our company and naturally talking a little trash between each other in the friendly competition of gaming >:)


So hey, it’s Memorial Day. Interested in helping Stack-Up support veterans across the globe, whether US or our NATO or Australian/New Zealand allies during this holiday? Maybe interested in providing some lightly used gaming gear for one of our supply crates? Here are some easy ways you can get involved and help out with Stack-Up…or you can always donate and help us push out our mission further!

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