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On March 26, 2016 The Pittsburgh Stack gathered for a day in the sun to celebrate spring in the city. To kick off the day, members met at the bottom of the Mononcahela Incline, a transportation service that pulls a cable type car up a steep incline. There used to be quite a few of the old contraptions around the city as it was the swiftest route to the top of the mountain. However, today there are only two of these inclines in operation in Pittsburg, but they are both used actively as part of the city’s public transportation hub, or sometimes just for fun.

Mononcahela Incline cable car.

It was an endurance test as the Stack-Up crew waited their turn in line. They eventually caught their ride to the top of the hill and enjoyed the views from the cable car as they ascended.

View of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington.

Upon reaching the top of Mt. Washington and taking in the breathtaking view of the city, it was time to set off on foot for a short hike to their final destination and refreshments. Joe Cestone’s Pizzeria was the end goal where the Stack had a chance to catch their breath and enjoy some good pizza pie. Members also took this chance to chat about goals for the local Pittsburgh Stack for the coming months.

Pittsburgh Stack enjoying well deserved pizza.

With the pizza eaten and the sun starting to dip low in the sky, it was time to catch a ride back down the mountain. It was a beautiful day to reconnect and enjoy the companionship of fellow Stack members. Everybody brought some great ideas to the table to help to grow the Pittsburgh Stack over the summer. Thanks to everybody who came out to Stack-Up in Pittsburgh, they look forward to seeing you again real soon!

More information on the Stacks and the Pittsburgh Stack can be found at Stack-Up.Org.

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