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Supply Crate – Rosa

Rosa uses gaming to connect with her brother online, and her console is suffering from some wear and tear:

I love gaming, always have. It provides an escape that allows me center myself. Lately I have been in between depression medications and have had real lows.. the grippy sock type of lows. The only thing that has helped me is gaming on my switch, which is so beat up but well loved. My brother (in arms and in real life) and I both play games together online because he lives on the other side of the country and it’s how we help each other when we are in crisis. We have played everything from animal crossing to Pokémon to resident evil… through it all we keep each other centered and grounded.

One of the best parts about gaming is that it allows people to connect around the world through a shared activity. It helps families, friends, and even random strangers connect to one another, build up friendships and camaraderie, and fulfill social needs that we as human beings have. We sent Rosa a brand new Nintendo Switch so that she can continue to connect with the people in her life who are like a lifeline for her.

thank you very much

Thank you, Rosa. Enjoy gaming.

BTU_Sinjin sponsored Rosa's Supply Crate. BTU_Sinjin has been a great supporter to us, and for that, we thank him and his community for fundraising. Be sure to check out BTU_Sinjin and the other members of BTU on Twitch.

Our Supply Crates program is only one of the ways we serve Veterans and Active Troops through gaming. Our other programs, such as Overwatch, rely on the funding we receive through donations to help Veterans through crisis in our battle to lower suicide rates. Hit the button below to get started answering the Call to Arms.

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