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Supply Crate – Carlos

Carlos was nominated for a Supply Crate to help him cope with his mental health:

Carlos is a prior service US Army soldier, husband and Dad which suffers from PTSD and has been having a really hard time dealing with depression. Carlos uses gaming as a getaway and a way to connect with his two kids.

Our Veterans' mental health is why we started these programs. While video games aren't a cure when dealing with mental health struggles, they are a great coping mechanism. They can help Veterans take their minds off things and provide a safe place to vent or just have fun.

These are photos of Specialist Carlos US Army

We hope he gets plenty of game time in.

Wordfangirl sponsored Carlos' Supply Crate. Wordfangirl enjoys playing story-based games like Mass Effects and Coral Island. We thank her and her community for sponsoring this Supply Crate. Check them on Twitch!

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