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Supply Crate – Joseph

Joseph was injured while deployed to Iraq and medically retired as a result. He travels for work and was looking for a console to give himself something to enjoy while on the road.

Hello, I am not the best with reaching out or promoting myself... hard to put into words how having a place to escape and forget get the pain( I broke my back and neck in Iraq many many surgeries) and maybe feel a little rush and feel happy again as hard it is to explain. I have suffer from PTSD and TBI and back and neck injuries also have extreme anti social anxiety and just depression dn anxiety all the time ( being treated at the VA). I was retired from the army when I was 22 back in 2012. What makes it worse hard for me to work but I do drive a semi and my laptop is very old and keeps crashing and is slow and hard to get to get lost in farming in farm simulator 22 or kill zombies in 7 days to die. Crazy to say I feel better once I get off enough to call and talk to my little girl. I fight with motivation these days and save enough to get a laptop strong enough to get this medicine I yearn for ( gaming). My child comes first and then there is no savings left. And being kn the road does not help driving 11 hours aday alone. Day in and day out and not where to escape too... just writing this put in a more lonely state than what I thought it would. Not sure what else I could say to say please help me find that escape and freedom once again. Thabk you for what you do for all vets and for the active side of the house.

Family must come first, but we all still need something nice for ourselves, once in a while. We happen know the perfect console for travel: A Nintendo Switch. It's portable and has plenty of great games that can be played while on a rest stop or on a hospital stay.

We sent out a Nintendo Switch and a couple of games to get Joseph started.

Thank you so much. This is perfect to have with my up coming 4th spinal fusion. With having to be stuck in the hospital. If I can do anything to repay or help or join stackup. Please let me know. I am so so thankful

We hope Joseph is having better health and that the Nintendo Switch has come in handy while in recovery.

The WakeTV team sponsored this Supply Crate through their Dead by Daylight tournament in 2022. Check out their Twitch team full of many great content creators here at this link.

Answer the Call to Arms! Hit the button below to donate or fundraise for Stack Up. We need every dollar to support Veteran mental health through our gaming programs, like the Supply Crates program.

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