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Supply Crate – José

José requested a Supply Crate because the internet connections and heat often cause the consoles at the MWR to be unplayable. With his own console, he would be able to play within his barracks.

A day in the heat and having limited internet connection or crappy services leads to us not being able to play in the MWR. If I had my own console, I would be able to play when I am on CQ, or whenever we have down time in our barracks. It makes it easier for me to distract my mind in a different world and makes time go by faster.

We remember those times in the barracks, berthings, and other similar dwellings in the Military and having nothing to do to pass the time. That is until we got our own Xbox 360s and even Gameboy Colors and it was a whole new world. That's why Stack Up exists. We've experienced what it's like to suffer through deployments and living in the barracks and on base and remember how much gaming helped us get through some of our toughest days.

Thank You

We're glad we could gift José a new console to provide him with some joy on his roughest days.

SpicyBeanDip501 is a previous Stack Up PC Vetrofit recipient. He's a Navy Veteran whose PC needed major upgrades so he could continue to stream and play the games he loves. While he didn't have to hold a Call to Arms fundraiser, he did so anyway, helping us get a console into the hands of another Veteran. You can check out his channel on Twitch.

Today's Supply Crate is one of our favorite stories because it's great to see people who have benefitted from our programs go on to benefit other Veterans. We love to see Veterans helping Veterans because most of our staff are Veterans, some of whom have also benefitted from Stack Up's programs. It's a great cycle of giving, and one we're quite proud of. Want to get in on the support? Hit the button below to sign up to fundraise, donate, or pass that link on to someone else who could be interested.

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