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Supply Crate – Matthew

We're back in the swing of things here at Stack Up. May is upon us, which means Call to Arms is going on max across all of our platforms. We'll be working all month long to cheerlead for those out there fundraising in an attempt to sponsor their own Supply Crates.

Today's Supply Crate update comes from a Marine named Matthew. Funnily enough, the sponsor is also named Matt. His division wanted a Supply Crate for gaming with each other, as you can read below.

From a Navy Veteran: The Marine dress uniforms look the best out of dress uniforms.

We are the Avionics Division for our unit. We handle all the electrical on the CH53E. The division consists of Marines who love playing video games with each other and with Marines who could not make the deployment with us.

Well, we can't leave these Marines hanging, can we? We shipped out their Supply Crate, and they sent us this short but sweet reply:

Thank you, that Marines are super excited.

Game on!

Semper fi, Marines. We hope you get plenty of gaming in on your downtime.

The ever-amazing Matt K. Heafy of Trivium sponsored this crate. He's one of our board members and has been helping us along in meeting our mission. If you didn't know, he streams on Twitch. Check him out!

Want to try to earn a Supply Crate sponsorship? At $1000 fundraised, we send out a Supply Crate of games and consoles in your name to a deployed unit or deserving Veteran. Get started by signing up at this link.

Not sure about fundraising? We have plenty of other ways to get involved and help out here at Stack Up. Simply hit the button below and find out how you can be of help today.

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