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Supply Crate – Luis

Another unit of badasses.

Greetings all, we're flying in with another Stack Up Supply Crate update. The mission this time? Deliver a Supply Crate to Luis and his aviation unit. Exciting stuff. Luis requested a crate for his unit's morale in their downtime while completing their missions overseas. In his request, Luis told us:

What's better than a big aircraft? A smaller aircraft inside of it.
My soldiers and I are currently in Kandahar, Afghanistan. We are an aviation unit maintaining Chinook Helicopters (CH-47) for the entire southern region of Afghanistan. We inspect, fix, and maintain these helicopters on behalf of the pilots and crew members, who fly them every day and night doing deliveries, special ops, QRF, medivac, and countless other missions. We spend, twelve to 14 hours a day on the flight line and there's not much to do during the short period of down time we have other than going to the gym. A supply crate would be a great morale booster for my soldiers, and give them another avenue of escape during their down time.

Game on!

It's just as essential to work out those thumbs and minds as much as the body out there to stay mission-ready. We're more than happy to send morale boosters to be enjoyed after a long day of making sure those birds get up and stay flying.

MetroBirdMan meet Aviation Unit.

A Supply Crate of games and a console provided with the sponsorship of MetroBirdman should do it. After the crate soared in, this was the response from Luis:

We received the crate, thank you very much. My soldiers where ecstatic when I brought in the crate with the PlayStation and all the video games. It was definitely a huge moral booster, after finding out that our unit was extended an additional month. We've received the crate last Monday, and the PlayStation has been getting plenty of use. My soldiers work 12 or more hours per shift, and the PlayStation gives them some escape from a ground hog day during working hours. As a thank you to your organization, we have flown an American Flag on one of our CH-47 "Chinooks" during a mission, and would like to ship it to your organization along with a certificate to display as you please. Once again, thank you and your donors very much for the crate.

The caption to the above series of photos: *Cue the fun Groundhog Day movie montage*.

We can't wait to fly that flag ourselves. Maybe Stack Up can get our own helicopter just for it. Kidding, with the cost of a CH-47, we could put together 30,000 more crates. That's quite a lot of veterans and deployed units.

With that in mind, these Supply Crates get airborne thanks to streamers like MetroBirdman and all of our wonderful donors out there.

If you're interested in the Supply Crate program, whether it is nominating someone or getting involved with Stack Up to support the work of getting them out to our active-duty service members and veterans, tap that big red button below.

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