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Supply Crate – Brayden

Today's Supply Crate recipient was nominated by his roommate who noticed how hard he works to support his family but hasn't been able to get himself a console for himself:

This is not for me it’s for my roommate. He is a huge gamer but is playing on a 11 year old Xbox. He wants a new one but can’t afford it because his family is really struggling financially right now. His son is autistic and his wife is at home taking care of that and he pours all of his money into them and the home. This would be something huge for him. He is a SGT as well and honestly just a newer Xbox and controller would be enough for him. He is a humble guy and doesn’t do much but work and play on his old Xbox.

That's tough! Many of our Active Military members take care of family back home and give up personal luxuries to ensure the people they care about are taken care of. The least we could do is take care of them.

Thank y’all so much!! This is amazing and made my whole year

Thanks, Brayden, and thank you to your roommate for nominating you. We hope you enjoy the console.

SpeakingLion sponsored Brayden's Supply Crate. SpeakingLion is an actor, screenwriter, and "Video Game Lore Enthusiast" who streams on Twitch. You can check out SpeakingLion's Twitch channel here.

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