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Supply Crate – Rich

Rich and his spouse are both Veterans who are dealing with the aftermath of Military service and haven't been able to update their game console.

We're a household of 2 Vets with mental healh issues and an 11 year old son. Video games are the one thing we can all connect on and have fun with! However, we have the oldest system on the planet. I personally have mobility issues and video games help keep my mind occupied and active. I've also read there are many benefits to gaming and mental health. This supply crate would be a GAME changer!!!

As much as we may love the older gaming systems, having the newer consoles allows our Veterans to play more and newer games. We happened to have the latest in gaming consoles at the warehouse so, of course, we sent Rich and his family one to enjoy.

Hi everyone! Yes, I did receive the StackUp crate!!! This is such a blessing. 🤩 Thank you so much!!!

Have fun with the new PlayStation.

Evanluls sponsored Rich and his family's Supply Crate. We thank Evanluls for taking the time out of his streaming to raise funds and thank his community for their support. Catch Evanluls on Twitch.

Answer the Call to Arms! Our Stack Up SuperWeekends start this weekend. What is that exactly? Those who fundraise on weekends in May, aka Military Appreciation Month, have a chance at winning a set of Elgato Gear. Hit the button below to sign up to fundraise. One of our Influencer Relations Team members will email you more information about Stack Up and our programs. Be sure to ask them about the Elgato Gear giveaways.

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