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Supply Crate – John

John requested a Supply Crate to help himself cope with his mental health struggles post-service.

I served four years in the Marine corps and got out honorably. Ever since I got out it’s been a struggle, been struggling with depression and missing my friends that are still serving. Ever since I got out I haven’t had the money to get another game system since I had to sell mine after I discharged to make sure I had money for me and my wife to make it back home. I’ve tried everything to help get back used to civilian life but even after to years of being out I relished that gaming was my outlet, a way to reconnect with my friends and a way get my mind off of things and also to express myself. Being able to receive a supply crate will give me an outlet again.

Having to give up gaming to survive is awful despite often being necessary to make ends meet. Here at Stack Up, we think it is just as important to have something good and fun to enjoy because surviving is all well and good, but sometimes we just need something to look forward to. Giving that back to John will give him something he can use to cope and connect with people who understand him.

Thank you!

And that's another Supply Crate delivered. Thanks for reaching out, John!

MidniteLynx sponsored Jordan's Supply Crate. We thank her and her community for their support. Lynx likes to play RPGS, sims, and puzzle games. Check out MidniteLynx on Twitch.

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