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Supply Crate – Jeremy

Jeremy is a chaplain whose unit was getting ready to deploy to Poland to support a U.S. ally. He requested a Supply Crate to help with the morale of his soldiers.

Getting ready to deploy to support NATO Allies. LSA is fairly new and conditions will be difficult. There is an MWR tent, but I’m the chaplain, and would like to support the unit with further games/systems/items to improve morale and invite soldiers into the chapel to offer support. Create touch points. Ensure mental, emotional, and spiritual health is good. We are part of a storied [redacted] Brigade, [redacted]. We would value all support given to the soldiers of our unit.

For the purposes of OPSEC, we've redacted some items from this update. We sent Jeremy and his unit a Supply Crate for them to enjoy when they have downtime. They're going to need it.

I am a chaplain [redacted] currently deployed to Poland. We have a busy mission requirement over here helping deter Russian aggression and support our NATO Allies.
We recently received some gaming equipment from Stack Up for use in the chapel. This is a much needed morale boost for the Soldiers here. We are so grateful for your support!!
Attached are some of the pictures of our [redacted] Platoon [redacted]. These guys are hard working infantrymen who excel at everything and give no less than 150% of their efforts. They were thrilled to receive this system for some r&r downtime when not on mission.
Many of them new of the artist who donated the equipment and listened to his music. They were especially grateful to him.
Hopefully I can get some photos of the system being played shortly.

We hope our servicemembers out there stay safe and return home.

Trivium lead vocalist, guitarist, longtime Stack Up supporter, and former board member Matt Heafy sponsored this Supply Crate. We thank him and his wonderful fans who contributed to his fundraiser. Yes, he does game, and you can find him on Twitch.

We'll be realistic about it; 2023 has been a rough year for fundraising. We need all the support we can get to spread the word. Hit the button below to sign up to fundraise or contribute toward our goal for the year.

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