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Feb Event2

It was a cold dreary morning on February 28th, the rain constantly beating against the dirt as the sound of shovels filled the air. Joshua “Fumbles” Fulmer, North West Regional Director, walked through the mud with his brother-in-law Matt to find the volunteers already deep in the woods.

The idea for the morning: fix up one of the favorite trails that Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance 501(c)3 maintains within their Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park in Issaquah, WA. Matt, who does in fact sometimes game with some great matches of Rocket League, and I had decided it was time for us to get involved in more than just riding the trail. For me, it was the perfect time to spread the word about Stack-Up, so I threw on my red shirt and spread the word.

Feb Event3

Matt looks like he’s having way too much fun waist deep in a hole, helping finish maintenance on one of the lower jumps on Gravy Train (a trail in the area).

I’ll be really honest with you, there’s a pretty solid chance that unless you love riding mountain bikes, we won’t drag you out to volunteer on stuff like this with our Stacks. You can expect to do other awesome things like bowling, LAN parties, volunteering (in not so dirty environments), and other rad stuff.

Feb Event1

We are looking for more members in the Northwest! We’re currently standing up Stacks in Everett, Shoreline, Edmonds, Redmond, and Beaverton (OR). If you are interested in joining or starting a Stack in your area please let us know here! If you’re not quite ready to hang out in person, you can still come say hello on our Discord where if you’d like you can learn about Streaming, Writing, or Editing opportunities with Stack Up!

Our next event is going to be a little more game based as we’ll be taking over the Stack Up Stream and having a good ol’ time!

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