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Second Annual Call To Arms LIVE!

Once again, we will be answering the Call To Arms, live!

On Saturday, November 9th, from noon to midnight PST, some of your favorite streamers will join us at the Player Omega eSports event for twelve amazing hours of streaming for the troops during our second annual Call To Arms LIVE event!

Join awesome content creators like…

Anthony Kongphan Lady Aderissa Cahlaflour MegsOnTwitch GryphonAMX EdgarAlanBroLIVE Ogr3Magi KellyDanielle DammitRooster BB_NotYourWaifu DadBodGaming AdioFreak8996 Fabkzk

…and more, as they come out to support the Stack Up mission of supporting active and veteran service members from the US and Allied Nations by promoting positive mental health and combat veteran suicide through gaming and geek culture!

We will also be supported by the folks from the Military Gaming League. MGL will be hosting an eSports tournament featuring US Army vs British Army teams in support of the event!

You at home will be able to join in on all the festivities live on the Stack Up Twitch channel, twitch.tv/StackUpDotOrg! You can also support the event, or your favorite streamer by visiting their Call To Arms fundraising page at StackUp.DonorDrive.Com.

If you want to get involved and help us Stack Up for the troops this Veterans Day, you can set up your own Call To Arms event. This can be anything from a live stream on Twitch or Mixer, to a board game night with your friends. There is really no wrong way to answer the Call!

Follow this link HERE and you will be able to set up your own fundraising event. If you have questions, please join our community on DISCORD or if you have more direct questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at contact@stackup.org!

We hope you will answer the Call To Arms and together we can Stack Up to make a real difference this holiday season!

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