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Volunteer Week: The Stacks

What are the Stacks?

The Stacks are made up of a mix of veterans, civilians, and active-duty military who represent Stack Up in their local communities. They host events from game nights to clean-ups, to community betterment projects within their local area. Through their actions, Stacks members work to make positive changes while having some fun with their fellow Stacks members.

A Thank You for our Stacks Volunteers,

Stacks Volunteers:

I have such deep, lasting respect and appreciation for anyone who donates their precious, limited time for a cause close to their heart. I have watched you come back week after week, month after month, to be a true force for good in your communities, for no reason other than to spread positivity and make the places in which you live better than you found them.

This has been a difficult year to be a Stack volunteer. The program is about embracing in-person togetherness locally. I had fears about whether or not the program would survive the pandemic and lockdowns. Yet you proved, over and over, how resilient and dedicated you were. You were responsible, safe, and yet still overwhelmingly active.

I am honored to work with each of you and am equally honored to be able to call you my friends.

- Liz Finnegan, Community Manager

Thank you Stacks members for all that you do out there and for representing Stack Up so well within your communities. Acts of good, whether big or small make a difference out there.

- Stack Up

Join your local Stack or get a new one started today!

Our Stacks program is open to volunteers in US & Allied locations. We have Stacks across the United States, New Zealand, and the UK. Interested in joining your local Stack? You can find out if there is one in your area here. No Stack in your area? You can get one started at this link.

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