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Volunteer Week: Call to Arms

What is Call to Arms?

Our Call to Arms is our year-long fundraising effort to keep our mission of helping veteran & active-duty military mental health through gaming fueled. Our Supply Crate, PC Vetrofit, and Air Assault are directly funded by the donation drives put on by Call to Arms Streamers.

A Thank You For Participating in Call to Arms,

Hey there Heroes!

Call to Arms VI 2021 is in full swing, supporting Veterans' mental health and suicide prevention with gaming and geeky stuff! We want to kick this year off by extending a huge THANK YOU to every single one of our content creators and their communities who show up and support our programs season after season, year after year.

Whether you have streamed, retweeted, shouted us out, or helped raise awareness over the years, you are a hero in our books. We could not do what we do with our programs without all of you. Last year your support led to 265 Supply Crates shipped out (over 100 more than any year previously). You should be proud of the impact that you all make in the lives of those who currently serve or have served in the past.

Thank you - all of you. We would love to see you all return and take part in our 2021 charity season, and make it bigger and better than last year’s events.

- Influencer Relations Team

Last year's Call to Arms fundraisers raised a total of $629,838.44. for veterans and active-duty military looking for a distraction and a way to connect with other gamers during the pandemic. Despite what is happening in the world, you all managed to make last year our biggest Call to Arms yet! Thank you.

- Stack Up

Get started and answer the Call to Arms, get your DonorDrive page started today!

Want to help us make it to a million? Get started by signing up for your DonorDrive page today. If you need help putting together a fundraiser, or putting together Twitter alerts for your streams, one of our IRTs can help you.

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