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The Stacks – Stacking Up in Puerto Rico

I am someone who all his life has appreciated and supported military as well as its culture. I started to inquire about the organization then and there I met with their community leader at the time. I signed up, signed up to be a Stacks Leader of the island of Puerto Rico it opened doors for me gave me purpose something of which was missing in my life. Don’t remember much of the timeline but months later I met with a gentleman named Cuddles (the game case) I met with him to become part of the stream team. To which several years later gained “legend” status because I had spent some 3 months without electricity and 2 months after with but unstable so lots of power outages, till finally, things got more stable. After those 5 months because of hurricane Maria. I joined the Stack Upstream team called “The Stacks” March 30th, 2017. Some more time after that I joined their newest program called The Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP) their suicide prevention and mental health awareness initiative, providing peer to peer support for veterans and civilians. That is a small on my history within the organization.

This is ACTUAL, out.


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