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The Stacks – Queens Stack Cleans Up the Park

The Stacks – Stacking Up with SCA and Mission Continues

by: Ethan Whinston

Take a moment as we check in with the latest action out of our Queens Chapter of The Stacks!

The Stacks

On January 18, members of the Queens chapter of The Stacks participated in a Martin Luther King Day event run by the Student Conservation Association. The Queens Stack participated with a contingent from The Mission Continues. The event was a restoration of historic St. Nicholas Park in Harlem.

The Stacks

The SCA has made an annual event of restoring parks in New York City. The Mission Continues contingent (including the group from Stack-Up) was assigned the task of cleaning debris off of one of the paths and clearing out drainage culverts next to the path. After finishing, the group headed to Dinosaur Barbecue on the West side of Manhattan for lunch.

The Stacks

The Queens Stack is hoping to participate in more events with the Mission Continues and to include TMC in some of their events.

If you would like to get involved and are in the New York area hit up the Queens Stack HERE! Not in the area, no worries we have chapters of The Stacks all over the country, hit this LINK to find out more and Stack Up for Veterans in your town!

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