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The Stacks – Orlando Stacks Up for LAN Fun!

The Stacks

GAME NIGHT/STACKING UP FOR A BARBECUE AND LAN PARTY with The Stacks: Hosted by Marine Veteran Charlie “Quadcapable” Merritt

By: Reshekia Fraley

After Hurricane Irma passed through, Charlie Merritt opened up his home to Florida members of The Stacks and allow family, and friends to get together. We had some computers set up and grouped up for gaming throughout the evening.

The Stacks

Some people that couldn’t make it out because of the effects of the storm were able to watch the event as it was being live-streamed. We were joined by Gainsville, Florida Stack Lead Matthew “Trippwire” Tripp, Stack-Up Livestream Manager Chris “TheGameCase” Case, and Rhonda “Cuddlewife” Case.

If you are in the Orlando area and would like to take part in great events like these, check out their page HERE! If you’re not in Florida, not to worry as we have chapters all over the country! Hit the link HERE to find the chapter of The Stacks closest to you, or for information on how to start your own!

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