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the stacks los angeles joins iava for the unknowns screening

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On Friday, March 4th, Kat Quinn and the Los Angeles Stack will be joining our friends in IAVA to view a special screening of The Unknowns, a documentary about the Sentinels of “The Old Guard” that protect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Following the screening, the Director, Producer, and select members of The Old Guard will be on site to answer questions about the film and their time as Sentinels. This will be a great time to meet up, learn about one of the most prestigious postings and the least awarded badge in the Army, and network with fellow veterans and supporters from IAVA and the New York Film Academy.

For more information and to reserve your spot, please visit IAVA’s RSVP page. You can also catch a trailer and information about the documentary at The Unknowns website.


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