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Supply Crate – Zachary

Welcome to yet another Supply Crate update from Stack Up. Here we tell you all about a gaming care package that was sent out to a Veteran or Military unit deployed overseas through our Supply Crates program. Today's update went out to Zachary and his U.S. Air Force unit. In his request, Zachary told us the following:

I am the team lead of an Aircraft Arrestment Systems crew. We are part of a team that can catch damaged or malfunctioning USAF and NATO fighter aircraft with an emergency runway arresting system. The job requires a high level of strict maintenance, attention to detail, and highly motivated Airmen. In the event of an aircraft emergency, we've got to be ready to go at any moment's notice. We have a team of men on standby at all times to engage an aircraft and bring pilots home safely. Due to our 24/7 standby schedule the guys have a lot of down time and many of the Airmen here are big gamers, it would be a huge morale boost if you could hook them up with a care package! I've been a part of over 80 engagements, and I can tell you first hand that a team with high morale is high functioning. All support to my team is greatly appreciated and thank you very much for giving me some of your time.

Are we at the beach?

Well, we definitely need to do something for all of that downtime. Dave, our Operations Director, pulled together a Supply Crate and got it sent out to Zach and his unit. It got out to them safe and sound, and they sent us the following reply:

Thank you for reaching back out. We have recently received the supply crate. I've attached a photo. Thanks again!

And that's another Supply Crate report given. As you can see, our service members out there are getting some fun sent over, and hopefully, that helps boost their morale. We hope they enjoy the PlayStation 4.

Striketh, the sponsor of this crate, is currently inactive. However, if you know him and can reach him, be sure to say, "Thank you." for his fundraiser.

Want to help do some good out there? Our fall season Call to Arms run is coming up. All you need to do is sign up for a DonorDrive page, and if you need help getting started, reach out to our Influencer Relations Team. Want to help us in other ways? We have many volunteer opportunities on our How to Help page. Navigate there by simply hitting that big red button below!

Have a great day, everyone.

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