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Supply Crate Update - Joel

Hello to everyone reading this. We hope you're out there having a great day. If not, then we hope it gets better. We gave our Supply Crate Updates a break for a few weeks, but we'll be getting back into them weekly. This Supply Crate went out to a unit overseas that is overseen by a Detachment Commander by the name of Joel. Joel requested a Supply Crate for a new detachment at his station with the following:

I am the current Det Cmdr for the Marines posted here in a US Embassy. My post recently saw the real benefit of the work you all do. We received our supply crate right before COVID rocked our world and this truly helped keep them alive. We would have weekly game sessions and this kept morale high during our lockdowns. I would like to respectfully request another supply crate for my new Det here. There are really lacking entertainment options and I would like to create that good family environment together.

What's in the box?

The pandemic has been particularly hard on those deployed overseas as units take on restrictions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Lockdowns often keep units on or very near base with little to no option to go into recreational facilities outside of stations. As such, we are happy to help such units with their morale via Supply Crate.

Oh, video games!

After the new detachment received their Supply Crate, Joel sent us the following reply:

First off, I want to thank OceanRGatsby for Sponsoring our Supply Crate from Stack Up. You have seriously impacted this group of Marines in a great way. Secondly, Thank you to the team at Stack Up because with you all there and your efforts we have a few more service members still with us.
Keep it up
Semper Fi

Thanks, Joel. We'll definitely keep this up. Our team also thanks you for reaching out. This Supply Crate update was made possible through the fundraising efforts of the hyped OceanRGatsby. Seriously, if you have never watched one of his streams, you should! Watch him the next time he's on his channel.

If you know a Veteran or military unit or division or are someone who is a Veteran or part of a military unit who could use a Supply Crate, please fill out the form on our Supply Crates page to request one!

If you are interested in getting to know Stack Up further and helping our cause, our volunteer opportunities have many options. Hit the big red button below to find out what those are.

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