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supply crate to generals security detachment in afghanistan dual wield i

Our supply crates full of the latest and games and gear go all over the world to a variety of units deployed to a variety of missions, and the first of our February supply crates, code named DUAL WIELD, have checked in. DUAL WIELD I went to a personal security detachment (PSD) from the Army’s 10th Mountain Division.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with military lingo, a PSD is a team of dedicated bodyguards who follow around certain very important personnel like Generals or congressmen and make sure while they’re shaking the hands of local Afghan supporters that someone is minding the perimeter for hostiles. Think of it as the military’s version of the US Secret Service…but without the business suits and earpieces. Here they are pulling security on the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders visiting Afghanistan!

Chris is in charge of such a unit deployed to Afghanistan, found out about Stack-Up, and wrote in requesting gaming support:

My name is Christopher and I am part of a small group of individuals that are assigned to a PSD team for XXXXX. We love our job and it definitely has some perks but the hours can be long and unpredictable. Another duty is to escort and provide security for any VIPs and Distinguished visitors that come to visit. Is our job the most dangerous job? No, but being on PSD you have to ready to take a bullet for your principle at any given time if something arises. We are their shield. All of us love playing video games and used to do it time and time again but our console decided to quit working.

No worries, Chris. Just as you have your principles’ backs, we at Stack-Up have got yours. We sent them out a supply crate from our DUAL WIELD February supply crate drive in and just got back pictures from their opening it! Here’s Chris’ thank you:

Attached are a few photos with the awesome package. I tried waiting to get all of the guys together, but that is as rare as seeing Bigfoot (lol). The group along with myself were amazed with the all of the contents. Thank you so much for what your organization does. I will send more pics as I take them.

If you’d like to help Stack-Up do its mission of supporting US, NATO and ANZAC troopers with the power of gaming, there are a multitude of ways to do so. However, right now, our focus is our big fundraising event, the Stack-Up “Call to Arms” 24-hour gaming marathon on May 7th. Simply sign up here, clear your calendar for May 7th and ask your friends and family to sponsor you for every hour you play for the troops! Much like those other charity walk-a-thons, but with a whole lot more video gaming! This gives you a perfect opportunity to clear out your video gaming backlog AND support charity? What’s not to love?

Click the banner to get signed up, and let’s get after helping troops with gaming!

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