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Supply Crate – Thomas

Here we go!

We never run out of Supply Crate updates here at Stack Up. This particular crate went out to Thomas and his group out on deployment. Thomas requested the Supply Crate to add to their morale center. As Thomas told us:

Nice to see you.
This is our groups third and last location for this deployment. The organization we are replacing is taking all of their morale equipment with them. We have a space for a morale center but need stuff to fill the room. The equipment received from your organization would be used by or units and the following units that replace us. We greatly appreciate your time and dedication!

Does this mean we got a dinner invite?

Well, we can't leave these guys without something to do when the organization they're taking over for take off. We're more than happy to provide a crate for them and those that come later. Thanks, Thomas, for telling us!

Album Cover Side 1

Lots of great smiles on these photos shared with us. Thomas sent us this reply to receiving the Supply Crate:

Thank you so much for the crate. We are setting up special rules due to corona but we are very thankful for your support. We had to take individual or small group pictures due to the social distancing policy. Thank you again! We have already set up the gaming system!

Album Cover Side 2

Don't those Stack Up shirts look really great on all these guys? Thanks again to Thomas for telling us so we could help get some gaming gear into his group's morale center. We hope it keeps his unit's morale up and any following units that come after his.

We could not have gotten this Supply Crate out without awesome sponsors like JosephJBroni. Our donors' and sponsors' contributions are what keeps Stack Up sailing out crates to active-duty service members and veterans alike.

To learn more about our Supply Crates program, push the button!

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