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Supply Crate – The Christy Family

Good day everyone! We're back for another Supply Crate update in which we show you one of our latest Supply Crate recipients and tell you all about them. In today's update, these particular Supply Crate recipients were nominated by one Thomas Brady, who saw the Christy family going through a hard time and wanted to make sure they could have something nice after losing everything in a fire. As he told us:

One of my service members and his five member family (1x Service member, 1x spouse, 3x children under 12) had a house fire and completely lost everything they owned. They are currently stationed in Yokota Air Base in Japan. The local community has come together for some grocery and furniture bills to get them started. This is one of the most involved families (The Christys) in our military community. They have given back so much to the community and are completely devastated. The family does NOT have renters insurance which has put them in a rough position financially when trying to replace everything they lost (which was everything you can see in the pictures attached). Anything you guys can do would be greatly appreciated and recognized at the highest levels of our command (United States Forces Japan). We are grateful for everything you guys do for our troops.

Of course, we had to help make sure this service member's family and children still had a little something to enjoy after losing everything. We hope the Supply Crate with a Playstation 4 and games can help ease their minds some.

Thomas and the Christy family sent us the following replies after the Christy family received their crate:

Stack Up,
Thank you so much for the crate in support of the Christy family who lost their home to a house fire here at Yokota Air Base, Japan. This was a great surprise for their family. Thank you for all you do
Thomas Brady

From Facebook (Christy Family)
A huge thank-you to Stack Up and Tokki for donating a PS4, controller, headset, and games! We recently lost everything in a home fire and my three boys and I will be getting some fun times out of your charitable donation!

We sincerely hope the Christy family has fun with their PS4. It may not seem like much, but we hope it helps.

Tokki sponsored this crate. If you missed Tokki during our Call to Arms Live event, you can check out her channel here.

Want to help the troops through the power of gaming? Click that red button below and find out how you can get started.

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