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Supply Crate – Sending Gaming Fun to Afghanistan

We check in with another amazing Supply Crate shipment. This one was sent downrange to Johnathan who is in the Army. Read on below to check out the full request!

We are soldiers assigned to the same Task Force deployed to Afghanistan. We all work long hours and look forward to having a few moments amongst the madness to sit down and relax. Some of us like to work out and others like to play video games.

Supply Crate

Being away from our families can be trying at times and the best way to ensure we aren’t constantly sad is by fellowship with games whether they are board games, card games, and video games.

Of course, we at Stack Up were only too happy to oblige. We went to work doing what we do best, packing a crate of the latest gaming goodies.

Once we packed up a console complete with some amazing games we sent it on downrange to Johnathon who was kind enough to send back some words of thanks and this great pic!

I received the supply crate I requested and it was phenomenal! Thank you so much for supporting the troops!

Thank you, Johnathon and your fellow soldiers for all that you do! We are glad the Supply Crate reached you and hope the games make your deployment just a bit easier.

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops as a Supply Crate, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS4, and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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