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Supply Crate – Philip

This is the last Supply Crate update for the year. Can you believe that? We'll be right back on Monday, though, with more Supply Crate updates since we still haven't made it through every single update from 2022.

With that note, Philip is an Army Veteran who has made it through some tough times through gaming:

So I am an affiliates streamer / content creator on twitch, I am also a heroin addict with 2.5years clean, and a us army vet, I currently game on a ps4 gen 1 console with an external hard drive, the ps4 is experiencing issues where it just overheats in like 45 minutes and then runs like crap all day after that, have cleaned it several times, simply can't afford to replace it as I'm already replacing my TV which is burning out from being used for gaming. So I guess to answer how it'd impact me would be that it would allow me to keep making content and pursuing my full time streamer year! Obviously as a content creator I would do what I can to make you unboxing videos, posts, etc to promote your selection of myself and to promote the program which I already would like to do anyways

Reminder: Streaming for us is not a requirement to receive a Supply Crate. However, we are very grateful for everyone that promotes us after they've benefitted, as it allows more Veterans to find our programs.

Philip received his Supply Crate and sent us a reply:

It has arrived! Huge thanks! Many photos attached, this crate is going to help me to be able to game again, as well as make content for myself and fellow vets and raise money for stack up directly!

Thanks, Philip! Good luck gaming.

DanExert sponsored Philip's Supply Crate. Want to help us thank him? Follow him on Twitch.

We'll be rolling everything over to a new DonorDrive for 2023. You still have time to top up your own DonorDrive, or someone else's, so hit the button below to head over to our DonorDrive page and donate.

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