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Supply Crate – Nicholas

Wow, July is really flying by! Here's a little update for you all: Stack Up has sent out 59 Supply Crates this year, and we still have plenty more to go out since we are doing a 50 Summer Supply Crate push. Let's talk about another Supply Crate update, shall we? Today's update comes from Nicholas, an Air Force Veteran whose family has had a history of service:

I am the 3rd member of my immediate family to join the USAF. We all followed in the grandpa's footsteps who served in the US Navy and Army Air Corps during WW2. I am currently a Port Dawg (Air Transportation) in the Air Force. I'm currently at my 4th base and have served 3 tours in the desert.

Sounds like Nicholas and his family take pride in their Military service. What better way to support him than with a Supply Crate of consoles and games?

After receiving his crate, Nicholas sent us an email:

I got my supply crate and it's incredible!! It's way more than I ever anticipated! I was hoping for a few games but this was way over the top! All of this is going to help not only with me being able to play more video games with my son, especially when I'm deployed. But I also like to bring both board games and video games into work when we have extra long days to help give my Airmen a chance to relax a little bit when they can't be home with their families. A huge thank you to 13disciple and Stack Up who donated all of this! It is going to go a long way!
Thank you again!

Game on, Nicholas. We hope you get plenty of gaming in with your son!

As Nicholas mentioned, 13Disciple sponsored this Supply Crate. You can find 13Disciple on Twitch at this link.

Want to help Military service members like this recipient through the power of gaming? Donate or start fundraising for Stack Up today by hitting the Phalanx Coin button below.

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