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Supply Crate – Neil

Know someone who is deployed, or know a Veteran you think deserves a Supply Crate? Nominate them for one! In today's Supply Crate, Neil's wife, Sasha, sent in a nomination for him

So ship life is rough! My husband has deployed a lot to the middle east as an eod tech. I figured now that he is a pilot and deployed on a carrier things would not be as stressful. Boy was I wrong! My husband's main outlet like many Marines is video games! Unfortunately because of communication restrictions they are actually only allow to have older gaming systems. Gamecube and N64 are some of the systems that are ok for them to use in the specific area they are required to be most of the time. These systems are pretty hard to come by!!! Need be I can get more technical information (idk crap about consoles tech specs) but I would like to surprise him. He is such an awesome human and games are his thing. I'm so thankful he has a positive outlet, I can't imagine having to compartmentalize what he has, he deployed to the middle east as and 3 times. He has done well and changed up his career path a bit, he attributes his piloting ability to videogames :) When I served I had a Marine die by suicide so I know it's very real and having something that allows you to decompress is vital!!!! Its awesome that his gaming outlet is something he shares with our children too (with me on occasion, its not really my thing). There are so many negative outlets so thanks for your support of one saves lives and brings families together <3

Neil is a Marine who was deployed aboard a Navy vessel, and for those not already accustomed to ship life, it's quite an experience. Navy sailors know what's great and what works well for onboard entertainment, and gaming is an easy pastime when stuck at sea.

Mobile gaming systems such as the Nintendo Switch are just right for gaming while at sea as it's portable and can be used just about anywhere it's allowed on the ship.

Hi Ian,
He said he sent an email via gov email :/ sorry some times they dont go through. Attached are some photos. They are actually hosting a smash bros. tournament right now! It's such a huge moral booster for everyone. I am happy Neil found an inventive way for lots of people to get some enjoyment gaming :)
Thank you,

We hope Neil and his fellow soldiers enjoyed plenty of gaming while deployed.

BoonieVeteran sponsored Neil's Supply Crate. Thanks to BoonieVeteran and his community for all the work they put in to help us get this gaming care package out to a deployed Marine. You can check out BoonieVeteran on TikTok.

Are you ready to answer the Call to Arms and make a deployed troop's day? Sign up to fundraise, and you can sponsor a Supply Crate at $1000 raised. Go even further by raising $3000, and you can sponsor a 2nd Supply Crate!

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