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Supply Crate – Neil

One great way to keep morale up? Hosting gaming tournaments on base. Neil wanted to get his unit a console so that it would stay with the unit so they could hold tournaments without worrying about personal units being taken home:

Our unit is current deployed to an undisclosed location, we used to have weekly nintendo switch tournaments across the FOB for super smash bros and mariokart however the members with those systems recently returned home. We'd like to get something to keep here long term and leave for future deployers that come through. I depart the fob in approximately 3 months but my unit is aware of this request and I'll pass along any information/materials that get sent our way.

That's an easy enough request to fulfill so that our deployed troops can enjoy something in their free time. While we ran out of Nintendo Switch consoles, we had some new shiny Xbox Series X consoles we could offer up.

Being away on deployment is hard enough, but struggling to find ways to make the time away from home seem more bearable is harder. With your donation of the XBOX, games, and game pass, you have allowed those of us overseas the opportunity to spend time with our fellow airman increasing our comradery. Giving us the much needed break from our day to day job, and allowing us to enjoy the games donated together as one unit. We are now able to host game nights! This donation will not only affect those of us who work days but also our other individuals who work nights. While most see an XBOX as an amazing thing to gift someone, we view it as an amazing blessing. Life on deployment is composed of a routine, and while routines are beneficial, they can also become tasking after a set amount of time. Getting the opportunity to break free from that routine and just feel like a normal human again is a priceless gift. Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to feel normalcy again. The opportunity to just be. With the holidays coming and going it helps distract from the reality that our families are home and we are not. It gives us the chance to embrace and come together as a military family, facing the hardships of deployment life together. Thank you again for the amazing care package!

We're glad to have helped! We hope these troops enjoy plenty of gaming in their off time.

Tokki continues to be one of our top supporters, having sponsored multiple Stack Up Supply Crates for years. She's an amazing content creator and just generally great to have around. We thank her and her community for all they've done. Watch her on Twitch. (And hit the tag with her name at the bottom of this page to see several other Supply Crates she has sponsored.

Want to support our troops? Fundraise through gaming! Memorial Day is Monday. Feel free to answer the Call to Arms and open up a last-minute fundraiser to help us reach our $350k goal. Hit the button below to get started. Or donate and help a streamer meet their fundraising goal.

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