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Supply Crate – Dustin

Dustin is a Veteran married to another Veteran whose family uses gaming to bond and enjoy time together. He requested a Supply Crate to get a new console and games for them to enjoy together.

I myself served for 10 years and received a medical discharge prior to a deployment. My wife served 21 years and retired from the military. We now have two kids, 9 year old and 5 year old. While we had many friends in the military we have all moved apart and don't interact much with people. I struggle with anxiety in crowds and prefer to be a homebody. One thing our family has wrapped around is gaming in any shape or form. We primarily play board and table game but occasionally play video games when we can. This has strengthend our family and allows us to connect more. I prefer the time I spend with my wife and kids more then struggling to go outside or to big spaces and events. I feel sometimes my family suffers from that but they understand.

A family that games together stays together. Or something to that effect. A lot of our Veterans play tabletop and video games with family and it's something we like to encourage and support. Having social time with family and friends via gaming can really improve the mental health of our Veterans.

I apologize this took so long. We had some ice storms in the area and work took priority.

That's quite alright Dustin! We just want to make sure it got to you so we can show our sponsors.

Bombed_Toaster sponsored Dustin's Supply Crate. Bombed_Toaster is a U.S. Army Veteran and motorcycle enthusiast who customizes shoes on TikTok if you want to check his stuff out.

It's Military Appreciation Month! Got Military family who love video games? Tell them about Stack Up. Want to support Active Military members and Veterans this month? Hit the button below and donate or fundraise to help us support their mental health through the power of gaming.

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