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Supply Crate – Anthony

Anthony has been gaming on his phone and wanted a console so he could play on a bigger screen.

Since leaving the service, I have been battling depression and anxiety. I found that gaming has really helped me a lot to overcome it by placing my focus into the game. Unfortunately, I play on my mobile device or a friend's console mostly. A long-time battle buddy told me about his program and suggested I apply. If approved, I would be able to play more with him and others. Thank you for your consideration.

Real talk, mobile gaming is great for travel and all, but nothing compares to being able to hook a console up to a big screen and see everything. Especially when your eyes are tired. Anthony needed an upgrade, stat, and that's something we could help with.

I would like to thank Stack Up and TheSpoopyBae so much for this awesome supply crate. Now I will be able to connect with my fellow gamer friends and battle buddies. Gaming has helped me battle my post military depression. My gratitude for this program can't even be put into words. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Happy Gaming,

Happy gaming to you, Anthony! We're glad we could help.

As Anthony mentioned, TheSpoopyBae sponsored his Supply Crate. TheSpoopyBae plays a variety of games and does art streams should you ever want to check out her content.

Not only does fundraising for Stack Up make you look cool, but we also offer up several incentives to fundraisers including Stack Up logo'd items you can take out to the beach. Hit the button below to sign up to fundraise. Or donate to someone else's fundraiser to support Stack Up.

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1 Comment

robin wayne
robin wayne
May 30

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