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Supply Crate – Kathryn

Kathryn requested a Supply Crate for the F16 Maintenance Unit in the Air Force that she's in charge of. She noticed the unit's morale center could use some upgrades and what better upgrade is there than the latest console on the market?

I am the new Officer in Charge of the largest F16 maintenance unit in the Air Force, providing 28 F16’s to enable the F16B course. We are updating our unit morale room, which currently has a tv and a couch and a homemade bar (with an ejector seat :P). Our guys work 7 days a week on 12 plus hour shifts to continuously fix aircraft in support of the never ending pilot training

We couldn't just leave our Airmen hanging. Those long shifts should be followed up with some good old-fashioned gaming, which we are happy to help out with by sending out a brand-new PS5.

here are some photos and a video of the guys using the PlayStation during a madden tournament we hosted today.

We're glad to see the console is already being put to use, especially in video form.

Thanks go out to SourScar who sponsored this unit's Supply Crate. SourScar is a Marine Veteran who streams Sea of Thieves content. SourScar fundraised to make this crate happen and we thank those who supported SourScar's efforts by donating. Want to check out SourScar's Twitch Stream? You can find him here.

Some bonus photos from today's Supply Crate:

It's Mental Health Awareness and Military Appreciation Month. Want to support a charity dedicated to supporting the mental health of our Veterans? Hit the button below to donate or fundraise today. Or just share the link to this article and tell people about Stack Up.

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