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Supply Crate – Liufau

While Mondays are not everyone's cup of tea, we sincerely hope yours goes well today. Let's get this week started with another Supply Crate update.

Today's update comes from Liufau. He requested a Supply Crate for his unit to relax with as they run 24-hour shifts.

We are a Reserve Signal Battalion. I am the Battle Captain at the BN TOC. I run the 24 hour operation of the TOC. There are days where we do run 24 hours with all personnel on the clock and at other times we have shift work schedules. Getting a game console and games will give us the opportunity to escape work for a little bit and at the same time create cohesion and unity in the ranks. It'll also provide an entertainment system for the Soldiers when they got off duty.
Stack Up,

Another day, another console to ship out. Which we appreciate being able to do, especially if it helps troops like Liufau and his unit relax.

Thank you for the crate. The Soldiers are enjoying the game station as it adds to the entertainment options while we are deployed. The Soldiers are taking turns playing it as they rotate off shift. It has definitely brightened up things.
Just a fair warning, a lot of these Soldiers will be writing and ordering crates. They could not believe the work you guys do until I showed them the crate. I’ve been telling them about you guys but they didn’t believe me until I showed them the crate. Thank you very much Stack Up.
Very Respectfully,
SFC Liufau

Thanks, Liufau. That's what we're here for. If we can support them, we can send them out.

CaptainErock sponsored this Supply Crate sent out to Liufau and his unit. Thanks to CaptainErock and community for supporting our mission!

Are you ready to step up and help Stack Up in supporting troop and Veteran morale through the power of gaming? Hit that button below and sign up to fundraise.

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