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Supply Crate – Lisa

Hello there, if you are reading this, you either clicked the link knowing what you will find inside, or you happened upon this post and wondered what our Supply Crates program is. If you happen to be the latter, we'll tell you.

Our Supply Crates program is our "Video game care packages full of the latest games and consoles sent to deployed units and Veterans in need." More than that, our Supply Crates program sends video games and consoles to active duty military units and Veterans looking for that morale boost or a new way to connect with other people that they are looking for.

Earlier this year, our Supply Crates program supported Lisa, who was deployed and looking for some way to connect with her boyfriend. She decided, why not try video games? Read her request here:

I’ve recently left Bagram Airfield and was with a section of our unit that was not so good for or to me. I’m hoping that moving to Kuwait with my medical NCO will make it better and I want to try and get into something that my boyfriend who is prior active duty currently guard is into. Maybe it’ll give us more to talk about than what is happening here or there which doesn’t really change day to day.

A potential new gamer? We'll be glad to help with that. We put together a Supply Crate with a Nintendo Switch and games and sent it out to Lisa. Lisa sent us two responses, which were really great to receive. Read them below:

(first response)
I received the supply crate today and I was blown away. Your organization really went above and beyond. Our medical team has been all over the place recently and once our missions are complete and we get back to having a little more free time, we are going to be so happy to crack open super smash bros. Thank you so much for all of your kindness! It definitely did not go unnoticed and I had the biggest smile when I opened up the supply crate today.

(second response)
Our guys at the med tent really enjoyed playing super smash bros yesterday evening thanks to the generosity of Troop3r. It’s been a long week and it was great to come back together after missions yesterday and have some fun.

We're glad we could help support the morale and get this med unit some fun! We're sure Troop3r was also glad to help support this Supply Crate. Thanks, Troop3r, for raising funds. Check out his Twitch channel here.

Want to support us in some way, but not sure how? We have a page full of answers. Just click away at that big red button below to navigate to our How to Help page and find something you think you might want to do. We welcome any and all donors, volunteers, and anyone who wants to join in on our mission of supporting our military service members and Veterans.

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