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Supply Crate – Levi

Today's Supply Crate update is a special one. We love it when we get to do a Tabletop Supply Crate. Levi requested some Dungeons and Dragons items so he could host some games with his maintenance squadron located at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

Hello, I am TSgt Levi and I am stationed up in the beautiful frozen tundra we like to call Minot AFB. Minot really is a nice place to live, as long as you don’t mind -60 degree wind chill, 40+ MPH wind, and a nice spring filled with trenching miles of snow and flood mitigation. Jokes aside, I’m proud to be part of the 91 Missile Maintenace Sqaudron. We maintain the world’s most devastating weapon, the Minuteman 3 ICBM. We maintain this weapon system in some really grueling environments, including the conditions joked about above. My shop, the Missile Maintenace Team (MMT)is on the smaller side, containing about 45 airman(E2-E7) and our brother shops are similar in size. Our group of maintainers is so small and such a tiny corner of the Air Force mission and we operate so differently than most of the Air Force. This breeds such a tight knit, selfless, wholesome and dedicated family of men and women. But with that dedication come the drain on body, spirit, and mind that the mission takes from us. Pile that on with the winter, short days with minimal sun and things to do outside in the bitter cold. The winter blues hits really hard and a lot of us are low in Vit D and some of us struggle to get through the winter. That’s just a snapshot of what we do and who we are. I saw this website on Reddit post about great sources for veterans and someone praised your mission and I thought I’d take by shot. A buddy of mine years back suggested we play Dungeons and Dragons after our monthly training down days. This game brought so much happiness and cemented such a strong team through our joys of playing. It gave us a reason to look forward to these training days and something to keep us talking to each other and something different to shift gears and offload the stress of the job. It kept one of our teammates out of the hospital, or something worse. I’d love to be able to expand this joy to more members of my team as I like to run the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The books aren’t required to play but makes playing smoother and lays out the references to rules and gameplay, but I find it hard to ask players to spend $30-50 of their hard earned money to buy them. This is where I hope you can step in and give a helping hand. I really hope this isn’t asking too much. Thanks for what you do, and even if you can’t support my request, keep doing what you do. You are making a difference in people’s lives! Thank you!!!

While many requests we get are for game consoles, we offer up the option for tabletop games. We support all types of gaming and if you're a Veteran into tabletop games, we know it can get expensive to buy all those tabletop gaming books, minis, and dice. We're happy to help if you request it.

We gathered up some donated tabletop items, bought some tabletop books and equipment, and sent them out to Levi.

Hello Stack Up and LadyMaeUS,
Attached are a couple photos of my supply crate. Everyone was super grateful and enjoyed the supply crate tremendously. We enjoyed a Christmas themed DnD session and used a handful of the items in the supply crate.
Thank you Stack Up for what you do and Thank you to our donor LadyMaeUs!!!

May Levi and his squadron hold many regular game nights and have fun together.

LadyMaeUs sponsored Levi's Supply Crate. LadyMayUs is a World of Tanks gamer who is part of the Twitch Women's Guild. Check out her channel.

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