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Supply Crate – Lee

Good lookin' squad there.

Good day everyone. We're always busy over here getting Supply Crates out. Today's Supply Crate update went out to a squad of soldiers on deployment. Lee requested this crate and told us the following:

Stay tough fellas.
Me and my squad do convoys supporting the Syrian border. During our off time we hit the gym and play cards. One of our guys brought a PS4 we all played UFC, Madden, and Call of Duty together before he left us. We are bored out of our minds during the time we are not convoying, fixing our trucks, or preparing for a convoy. The wifi where we are goes out time to time so just having a system could pass time for us and give us something to look forward to together other than gym and DFAC. We pray together we eat together, we do everything together, why not play together. Thank you for your support and the support of those overseas. Your doing great things for your country and many others.

Let's get them some games and solve that boredom.

Thanks for the encouragement Lee, we do our best. We stacked up and packed up a console and some games and t-shirts to get them out to Lee and his squad to slay that boredom bug. Also, there's just no better feeling than getting to game with your pals.

That was quick!

Looks like the crate got out there just fine, along with the t-shirts. Lee sent us this reply to receiving the Supply Crate:

Thank you for the crate. This will be more than just a memory, deployment, or story for these guys. They have survived though some tough times. This crate made them smile just opening right before getting separated. I will gather another picture once everyone shifts align back normal. Just wanted to let you know we received it and these guys have something to look forward to that’ll make this place home for the time being.
Thank you again!

Have fun gaming!

Lots of great smiles there. We hope to keep putting them on more faces. Thanks, Lee, for reaching out to Stack Up so we could get him and his squad something to do in their downtime.

This Supply Crate was made possible by YachtClubBC. Also made possible by readers, viewers, volunteers, and others like you. We're not saying you have to hit the big red button below. However, if you are interested in learning more about our Supply Crates program, it'll lead you right to our Supply Crates page.

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