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Supply Crate – Kyle

We have some great news! Another supply crate has been successfully received by another amazing group of veterans we can’t wait to tell you more about. We had to hustle during this mission to make sure we could get games to these soldiers as fast as we could. The request came from Kyle, lets let him tell you why his troop needed these games fast:

I am an instructor Pilot in B troop 3-17 CAV based at Hunter army airfield. B Troop 3-17 CAV is about to head out the door for another deployment this weekend. B troop 3-17 has been deployed more than it has been home the last 5 years supporting multiple deployments to Afghanistan, and now Germany. This unit is in dire need of something to bring the unit together with all of the back to back deployments and something like this would be a blessing to everyone involved.

We wish you well on your deployments soldiers, come back safe. We have something special for you that can make your time in between deployments a hell of a lot more comfortable for you.

Once B troop 3-17 CAV received their crate we were thrilled to hear that everything was satisfactory:

Thank you so much and thank the sponsors for sending my unit this amazing gift. It’s truly a blessing to have you all send these crates to us troops overseas away from our families. The rest of my unit is in a field exercise currently but I wanted to take the change to thank you and the sponsors especially adiofreak8996 for helping make this happen. You all have no idea how much these things mean to us and how much it means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are specially welcome officer. We are truly thankful for your services to our country and it is our honor to reward your troop for all the hard work they have done. We hope that you enjoy these games and are able to have some fun every once in a while participating in tournaments or partying all night with Just Dance.

We would also like to thank AudioFreak8996 for sponsoring this crate and making it possible. You are a hero to these service members and we are grateful for your patriotic donations. As always, if you would like to be a hero like AudioFreak8996, then please take the link below and nominate a veteran and we’ll get another supply crate packed up and sent to them as fast as we can.

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