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Supply Crate – Kristy

Kristy requested a Supply Crate because her old PS4 gave out and she's been missing gaming while taking care of her mother and being a single mom herself.

My name is SGT Kristy Browning and I've been in the Army for almost 12 years now. In this time I've lost 2 brothers to suicide, a sister to illness and about 6 other close family members to illnesses or accidents. I've had to help take care of my sick mother and ended up becoming a single mother myself (which wasnt on the bingo card of my life. Lol). This is just the tip of the iceberg.😅Depression is common in my family and one thing that helps me to combat this is gaming. After the loss of my brothers, I spent hours playing Call of Duty and releasing my anger, frustration, and guilt about not being able to see the signs of their coming suicides. Gaming has always been a way for me to relax and release mental stress, even since I was a kid. Since having my daughter, it's become a way for us to bond and for her to kind of forget the fact that she doesn't have a relationship with her father. About 2 years ago, my PS4 went on the fritz and I spent a few months trying to get it repaired with no luck. I haven't been able to afford a new system so I haven't been able to game in a long while and it's deff been hard on my mental health sometimes. Gaming was a way for me to not only bond with my daughter but bond with some of my battle buddies, as well and I've greatly missed the comraderie that came with it. If I were to receive a Supply Crate, it would mean the world to me! It would give me an outlet for my built up emotions again and allow me to enjoy one of my fave pastimes: gaming. Not to mention, I'll finally get to put to use the gaming chair my mom saved up to buy for Christmas (that I was only able to use a few times before my previous gaming system went out). I greatly appreciate this opportunity and the help that you are giving myself and my fellow brothers and sisters in arms.🧡

Call of Duty, eh? Kristy knows what's up. It's rough when a console gives out. Even rougher when other needs take priority over being able to get a new console. That's where we come in: We sent Kristy a Supply Crate so she can get the latest in gaming.

I greatly appreciate my supply crate! Thank you for it and for all you do for us veterans!
-Sgt. Browning

You are very welcome, Kristy.

Girlmontag sponsored Kristy's Supply Crate. Girlmontag plays games like Fortnite and sometimes just hangs and chats. You can find her on Twitch.

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